The 4 Best Door Materials for Your Wooden Lockers

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The perfect wooden locker door will have an attractive finish and the ability to stand the test of time. While there are various materials that you can choose from, there will be always standout alternatives – given their distinct features.


As specialist manufacturers of wooden lockers, Crown Sports Lockers has narrowed it down to 4 of the best locker door materials:


Hewn from green logs, oak is a hardwood that demonstrates distinctive grainy markings. Typically available in two varieties – red and white oak – red oak ranges from light brown to pinkish with a swirling, water-like pattern; while the white oak has a tiger stripe grain with yellow rays and flecks.


Stronger than your average wood, Oak has real staying power:

  • Red oak – has a specific gravity of 0.63 and a hardness of 1,290 lbs.
  • White oak – has a specific gravity of 0.68 and a hardness of 1,360 lbs.


Oak effect 2-tier wooden lockers with solid oak shaker style doors

Oak effect 2-tier wooden lockers with solid oak shaker style doors


Available in a variety of shades, oak will assure lockers that look like a work of art – perfect for setting the ambiance in leisure businesses. Durable and warp-resistant, oak is a top choice for wooden locker doors as it only requires a little maintenance.



With a hardness of 1,300 lbs., beech is a solid and compact material that is ideal for locker doors due to its exceptional strength and unique texture and structure. Displaying beautiful colour patterns that overlap layer upon layer – commonly known as the ‘pagoda pattern’ –  this gives an added dimension to your lockers.


Strikingly shiny when it dries, beech also gives a naturally glossy finish that contributes to the overall aesthetics – one of the many reasons why it is considered as a high-end furniture material.



One of the most versatile woods, walnut is a straight grained hardwood with lighter and darker shades – suitable for rustic and antique style finishes. Extremely durable without being excessively heavy, walnut is strong enough to resist the wear and tear of daily locker use.



Known for its extreme durability, maple is the most affordable wood and is often utilised for heavy-use items, including lockers. Its signature creamy white colour gives off a simple, yet classy finish that creates a relaxing locker room ambiance. Since it can be stained, this can be transformed to look like a finer wood – a cost-effective technique to custom-design your lockers.


When choosing the best material for your locker doors, one thing is for sure… Crown Sports Lockers will manufacture them for you using only the most durable and impressive wooden materials! Contact us on 01803 555885 to start discussing your locker requirements!