The 5 Main Gym Changing Room Design Considerations

Mar 1, 2021 | Gyms, Leisure


changing room design considerations

Changing rooms are vital to any gym; this is where members will leave their personal belongings and spend their time pre and post-workout. Being an essential area, it is important to keep your changing rooms looking functional, as this will contribute to the overall customer experience.


To suitably equip your changing rooms, make sure that you cover these fundamentals:


Recognised as the most important component of a changing room, lockers are built to secure your personal belongings; they also help to organise and maintain the changing room area.


Choose your lockers to be spacious enough to hang clothes and other gym essentials.

Locking Systems

There are a number of locking systems to consider which can include:

  • Master Keyed Cam Lock
  • Master Keyed Coin Return Lock
  • Hasp Lock
  • Combination Lock
  • Keypad Pin Number Lock
  • RFID Locks


Complete washroom facilities are vital as they contribute enormously to the overall experience – shower rooms, sinks, vanity units and changing room cubicles. Also important, under floor heating can help to keep floors dry and clean; protecting furniture and floors from damage caused by fluctuating temperatures and regular exposure to water.

Island Seats

Comfortable island seats are a welcome sight in any changing room; where you can relax and recover from your heavy workout – they can also serve as a waiting area for accompanying guests.

Useful Amenities

Beneficial amenities can earn good ratings and bring definite satisfaction to your customers. These can include drinking stations, costume dryer units and full-length mirrors.


For comfortable and functional facilities we can assist you! From the planning right up to the installation of your chosen changing room furniture, we can do it all for you. Contact us today on 01803 555885 for more information.