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Thinking of installing workplace lockers? Changing office culture has seen a rise in hot-desking, flexible hours and working from home. With these changes, employers are starting to understand the value of offering their employees flexibility, and benefits to improve morale – not to mention increasing loyalty. Workplace culture is now seen as a real draw for people looking for new jobs, putting pressure on businesses to keep up with the times. Alongside flexible hours and remote working, making physical changes to the office is a great way to make your business a desirable workplace. Installing new office lockers can help you improve office culture and keep your employees happy.

Installing Workplace Lockers

Crown Sports Lockers, a UK-based manufacturer, has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing bespoke locker fit-outs in many offices across the UK. Chosen by many well-established companies over the years, they have recently manufactured and installed bespoke staff office lockers at the Bank of Ireland UK, Bristol.

Spencer Grimwood, Co-Owner at Crown Sports Lockers commented: “The dynamic in office culture is constantly changing, and this has been more visible since lockdown. More people are taking an interest in reducing their carbon footprint and are going down the route of cycling or walking to work. It’s been estimated that, even if half of all sub-5-mile car journeys were replaced with cycling, this would save around 7.7-million tons of CO² in the UK, equivalent to 2% of UK domestic emissions. There’s also a real incentive towards health and fitness. If employers install lockers in their offices it allows staff to get changed and store their belongings safely and securely.”

“Flexible hours and remote working may mean employees need to bring their belongings to, and from work more often. Having their own space to store belongings will make employees feel valued and give them a place to keep their possessions safe during the working day.”

“Without staff lockers, personal items such as coats and bags will all have to be stored at employees’ desks. Keeping the workspace free of clutter is important for productivity. A tidy and organised office will have a more professional feel, and leave the desk space for work equipment and important documents. If you don’t currently have staff lockers, once installed, you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes to the feel of the office.”

Experts in Office Locker Installation

Crown Sports Lockers pass the required European standards. This means that their products are suitable for contract storage, due to their proven quality as non-domestic furniture. This is just one of the many reasons why Crown Sports Lockers are the perfect high-standard wooden office lockers provider.

The lockers available in a range of finishes, from woodgrain to gloss to the current on-trend choice, ultra mat. Lock choices are key locks, mechanical and digital keypad locks and digital RFID locks.

Hot desking is becoming far more common, especially with the rise of remote working. When employees want to use the office, being able to sit close to those who have also decided to go in that day, on a desk of their choosing, is a flexible way of working. Staff lockers are perfect for offices that have hot-desking or remote working policies in place. This is because employees can no longer keep all of their belongings at their desk, as that might not be where they sit the next time they use the office.

The ‘FSC-accredited’ and ‘Made in Britain’ manufacturer, uses sustainably-sourced timber in delivering stylish, made-to-measure facilities, meeting modern needs for comfortable, secure, brand-building elements of an operator’s offering.

If you want to add staff lockers to your office to help improve workplace culture, and provide your employees with a safe place to store their belongings, you can trust Crown Sports Lockers to find the perfect solution.

Take a look at this article which featured in a recent edition of the Tomorrow’s Facilities Magazine on page 18.

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