Things to Consider When Choosing Office Lockers for Employees

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Office lockers are one of the most useful company essentials that you can provide, serving as a secured storage solution for private items. So, how do you go about choosing the most appropriate lockers for your office?

Here are some key points to consider:

Keep in Mind the Small Details

Always consider the following:

Number of Employees

The number of employees will help to determine what kind of lockers you should purchase – nested units save more space, making them ideal for companies with a lot of employees, while individual units are more applicable for smaller companies since they typically have a smaller workforce and limited floor space.

Locker Adjustments

Employees with disabilities should also be considered. Providing a range that is sympathetic to their specific requirements will make their lives a lot easier.

Crown Sports Lockers offers wooden office lockers that conform to the Disability Discrimination Act. We have low level lockers for wheelchair users, easy to use lockers for people with weakened hands and lockers for the visually impaired.

Measure the Floor Space

Keep in mind the overall size of your office facilities. The dimensions will help you to determine the number of lockers you can comfortably accommodate, you can also establish the maximum height potential. Always make sure that the quantity of lockers is proportionate to the office space to avoid overstuffing and an unbalanced office setting.

Choosing the Locker Material

Choosing the right material will ensure that the locker is befitting of the office theme. A well-designed office locker can also serve as an impressive statement that improves the company image. Built to blend to your existing office environment, wood is always a solid, flexible and reliable choice. With its naturally stylish aesthetic, it perfectly balances beauty and usability.

When it comes to wooden office lockers that never fail to impress, Crown Sports Lockers offers bespoke and self-install alternatives. Contact us on 01803 555885 for the best office storage solution that will perfectly fit your business needs!