Time to invest in protecting members and customers from infection

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Crown Sports Lockers is spearheading the revolution in hygienic storage and changing rooms with launch of construction materials active against pathogens.

The recycled PVC board used for our new Hygienic range has been independently tested to ISO standards and its surface is proven to inhibit bacterial growth with a 99.99% efficiency rate and kill viruses.

The Biomaster active ingredient is inorganic, non-leaching and will never wear off. It remains permanently active to provide antibacterial protection throughout its lifetime of use.

When viruses and bacteria land on the smooth Sealwise surface with integrated Biomaster technology, they quickly die, research proves.

Made in Britain manufacturer Crown’s Hygienic range offers a smarter, safer, flexible solution for applications in hygiene-sensitive environments. Curves, profiles and right angles are all possible without compromising the board’s surface integrity.

Homogeneous, with a closed cell PVC foam core and solid PVC surface, the board is non-toxic, formaldehyde-free and non-porous.

With similar characteristics, density and weight to MDF, Crown processes the board using the same techniques – machined, cut CNCd, routed, profiled and edged identically to MDF.

Unlike MDF however, the board is 100% waterproof, offers zero swelling and 2.5 times the screw retention, making it fully suited to tough environments.

The built-in Biomaster technology ensures the board offers effective, dependable, longlasting antibacterial protection.

Cleaning regimes

Given today’s far more frequent and intense sanitising regimes, the board can withstand rigorous daily cleaning regimes and heavy-duty usage without any rise in risk of contamination from pathogenic bacteria such as MRSA, e-coli, legionella, listeria, salmonella and viruses.

Decisive action

Biomaster binds to the cell, disrupting growth by interfering with enzyme production, interrupting its DNA, so preventing replication, while stopping energy production.

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