Useful Amenities to Customise Your Changing Room

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When designing a changing room, it is important to consider the needs of the customer – it’s not just about setting the right ambiance or affording them their privacy. Changing rooms need to be a functional facility that meets their every need – it’s the customers who will use it, after all.


Aside from lockers, we offer supplementary changing room furniture that can complete the transformation from ok changing room facilities, to WOW changing room facilities:

Vanity Units

Essential to the leisure industry, vanity units give guests their own space to pamper themselves before and after activities. Wet vanity units are ideal for male use (i.e. when shaving), while dry ones are more applicable to women; allowing them to blow dry their hair and apply their make-up.

Product Display Cabinets

What better way to showcase your products than in a display cabinet? This will keep the products in full view of the client, further displaying their full potential.


Additional Tip: Choose double-sided display cabinets as this will allow guests to view the products from different angles.

Seating Units

Changing room seats provide a convenient space to pack or unpack leisure wear; customers can also sit while they change their shoes.

Costume Dryer Units

Nobody wants to carry soaking wet swimming attire around! A strategically placed costume dryer unit will also save the floors, lockers and other furnishings from unnecessary water damage.

Towel Stations

Placing a towel station in the changing rooms is a great way for guests to help themselves to the towels. It also promotes organisation in the changing room, keeping it presentable; things always seem so much more relaxed in a tidy environment.

Full-length Mirrors

Full length mirrors are a must! Whether for client use or to add an extra dimension to your leisure facilities – mirrors can be very light-reflective, giving the impression of larger and brighter spaces.


Give your guests the finest customer service by giving them the luxury they deserve. To get the best changing room furniture and amenities from Crown Sports Lockers, contact us on 018 0355 5885 and we will be happy to assist you.