What Crown Sports Lockers’ Student Lockers Can Offer

Mar 1, 2021 | Education

Crown Sports Lockers - What crown sports lockers' Revised


We offer top of the line security options to reduce the chance of theft or forced entry. Our wide range of locking options includes Cam Locks, Coin/Token & Mechanically Operated Card Locks, Hasp Locks for Padlocks, Digital Keypad Combination Locks and Radio Frequency Locks. All our locking systems have a verified track record of reliability.


Our lockers for schools, academies and universities are top quality and available at affordable prices. Top quality lockers do not necessarily mean top prices. We have a variety of locker options available to suit all applications and budgets.


Crown Sports Lockers is known for its attention to detail, high quality manufacturing and efficient installation. Hardwearing, stylish and functional, these are the trademarks of our student lockers. We don’t just build lockers; we build ancillary furniture. Our lockers are available with a black or white body option as standard, oak effect doors and sloping tops.


We specialise in bespoke storage solutions. Our School lockers are made for storing personal belongings for these purposes: protection from damage, organisation and accessibility. Crown Sports Lockers can build lockers to store musical instruments, sports equipment, school uniforms and many more.

Junior Classroom storage lockers can be made to suit any requirement and in a wide range of colours with contrasting edge colours, etc.