What sets Crown Sports Lockers’ Student Lockers apart from the Competitors

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Why should you choose Crown Sports Lockers for your student lockers? We have a complex locker knowledge that is incomparable in the UK. We know how lockers work and we are aware of any drawbacks there might be. We don’t just build lockers; we build ancillary furniture.

We offer detailed planning and experience

We pride ourselves in thorough preparation and delivery. We have been installing, designing and building lockers since 1993… that’s right, we have already been doing this for 23 years! With that much experience under our belt, we know almost everything there is to know about lockers. Our experience allows us to anticipate and reduce problems before they even happen, further helping our clients to save time and money!

We have dedicated and experienced Project Managers that handle each project

Your Project Manager will serve as your first point of contact and will be responsible for catering to your every need, answering all your questions and concerns along the way. We make sure that each project is well handled and scrutinised from beginning to end. We prefer to meet our clients face to face, as we find that this helps us to better understand the project and premises. The architect, contractor and project manager will also meet with you personally to guarantee that the installation process runs smoothly.

We offer helpful bespoke services

We offer helpful bespoke services

Our bespoke services include:

  1. Space planning
  2. Advice on suitable locking and hinge systems
  3. Guidance on reliable materials
  4. Recommendations on proper appearance
  5. Assistance on appropriate finishes

We can build a sample locker for final approval when required. Once all specifications are approved and finalised, we will then begin production.

We make sure that quality never suffers

Crown Sports Lockers is known for their excellent reputation. We strive for perfection and we put priority on customer care. If we happen to encounter a problem, we will quickly assess the cause of the situation and resolve it immediately. We assemble, build and manufacture all lockers in our own manufacturing facilities to make sure that the quality never suffers. Our lockers are tough, durable and available in a selection of attractive finishes, making them suitable for any environment such as staff rooms, changing rooms, schools and corridors.

We treat each project as an individual venture. We enjoy the challenges that we meet, taking every bespoke locker or locker specification you have in mind and making it into a reality.