Why Schools should seriously Consider Providing Locker Facilities

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Here’s an easy lesson in making your school a more attractive prospect for future pupils. By providing complete locker facilities, children will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits:

School lockers will provide safe storage for sports equipment and musical instruments that some students may need during or after class

Crown Sports Lockers offers bespoke storage solutions. Our lockers can be purpose built to cater to unusual items such as musical instruments, badminton equipment and other sports gear. school locker 1Providing storage for this kind of equipment is vital. Let us start with the benefits of promoting activities within the sports department.

Sport plays a positive role in student development:

  • It enhances physical health
  • Boosts academic achievement
  • Promotes higher self-esteem
  • Reduces behavioural problems
  • Improves psychosocial patterns

Music helps students in so many ways:

  • It improves reading proficiency
  • It encourages an advanced understanding of mathematical and scientific concepts
  • It affords better pattern recognition and mental representation
  • Develops patience
  • Builds confidence     

School lockers can contribute to good physical health, helping to avoid chronic back and neck injuries as a result of carrying heavy loads

Imagine carrying books, ipads and your sports kit around all day! School lockers = no more lugging heavy loads around.

School lockers encourage students to be creative

Let them express their creative side as they decorate their school locker. Schools should encourage student creativity by letting them customise their lockers; enabling them to express themselves, it will provide them with an avenue to demonstrate their own personality.

School lockers can be a good place to store lunch

Some kids prefer packed lunch and the school locker is the perfect storage facility. Keeping them from temptation, kids won’t be inclined to eat during lessons.

Remind them that food should not be left in the locker over prolonged periods and that it is advisable to avoid foods that are highly-perishable like:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Eggs
  • Butter
  • Milk-based products
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Cooked leftovers

Schools are concerned with results and so are we. Crown Sports Lockers has passed the requirements of both BS EN 16121:2013 and BS 12150-1:2000. Our lockers are not only durable they are also available in a selection of finishes to fit in effortlessly with classrooms and corridors alike.