Wooden Office Lockers: More than Just their Visual Appeal

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Wood has its own special beauty, making it one of the most popular furniture material options. It gives any environment a light, fresh ambiance — perfect to calm stressful office settings.

Wooden office lockers are the real deal, providing an aesthetically pleasing feature without lacking on efficiency. If that isn’t enough to convince you, here are some more reasons why wood reigns supreme:

It is Stylish

Just because office lockers are primarily tasked with remedying storage and security dilemmas, this does not mean that they have to be boring. Display them proudly within your office premises and make them an accessible storage means that is a stylish office decoration to boot.

They make a Great Filing Hideout without Looking Industrial

Office lockers are not just for employees’ personal use; they can also be pretty useful to accommodate files and documents. Who wants run of the mill metal filing cabinets when you can introduce a fresh new image into the office environment with wooden office lockers!

There is an Extensive Selection of Finishes to Choose From

Probably the reason why many people have been opting for wood… you are not limited to one or two choices of finish. With a handful of finishes to choose you can opt for varnish, wax or oil. You can even customise your office lockers in line with your preferences.

Crown Sports Lockers offers wooden office lockers with different body finishes, door designs and lock options.

They Promote Good Health and Wellbeing

Studies have revealed that wood has positive physiological (can lower blood pressure and heart rate) and psychological (reduces stress and anxiety) benefits for people who are surrounded by it, as it mimics the effect of ‘actually’ spending time outdoors.

What better way to impress clients and visitors than with wooden office lockers; oozing class and charm, they are the perfect way to maintain your company’s image and credibility.  They are totally functional too!